Avansic, formerly Digital Forensics Professionals, was founded in 2004 by computer science professor Dr. Gavin W. Manes. Today, Avansic is an active leader in the e-discovery and digital forensics fields and has worked hard to build a reputation as a responsive and reliable service provider. Avansic takes a scientific approach to ESI processing that sets us apart from our competitors and gives our clients a superior work product for a fair and simple price.

Avansic is headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma, has an active sales presence in the region, and is proud to have served hundreds of customers across the country.

Founded by Gavin W. Manes, a nationally recognized expert in the e-discovery and digital forensics fields, Avansic was the first company to be commercialized through The University of Tulsa Board of Trustees Technology Transfer Initiative. Dr. Manes, then a professor at University of Tulsa, worked with the Technology Transfer committee to evolve technology developed in the Tulsa Digital Forensics Center at the Center for Information Security. He developed models and methods while at The University of Tulsa working with the Tulsa Police Department, Secret Service, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement agencies and applied them to the civil forensics realm.