The goal of the Alamo Area Paralegal Association is to promote excellence, education, ethical conduct and the enhancement of the paralegal profession.

As a professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law, the AAFS is committed to the promotion of education and the elevation of accuracy, precision and specificity in the forensic sciences.

The ACFEI is the largest professional membership association representing forensic examiners.

The Arkansas Bar Association stands for tradition, integrity and trust. The goal is to create new opportunities for the Association to communicate with the public and the legal community.

Educational and scientific computing society.

The Baton Rouge Bar Association has been serving the legal profession and the public for more than 82 years. It is one of the largest voluntary bar associations in the State of Louisiana with a membership of over 2300 lawyers and is considered to be one of the most active and innovative bar associations in the United States.

CAPA is a voluntary non-profit corporation comprised of paralegals and legal assistants, students, and vendors in Austin, Texas and the Central Texas area. CAPA was organized in September 1978 by a small group of pioneering paralegals and has since grown into the largest affiliate of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (NALA) in Texas.

Formed to provide a forum of communication, support, assistance and continuing education for Paralegals, as well as to establish standards and guidelines for proper and effective utilization of Paralegals by members of the Bar to provide a higher quality of legal services at a lower cost to the client.

DAPA is a voluntary non-profit corporation composed of paralegals, students, and vendors working in all areas of the law, who are interested in furthering their own professional development and who are dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession as a whole.

The purpose of the FWPA is to promote the professional objectives and goals of paralegals, to encourage, promote and conduct programs of continuing education and professional development and to promote the advancement of high standards of integrity and professionalism for paralegals to the end that both the public and the legal profession are better served.

The HTCIA encourages the voluntary interchange of experience and knowledge relating to investigations and security in advanced technologies.

HALSM is a professional association of litigation and practice support professionals.

HCPA's primary purpose is to promote continued professionalism of the corporate paralegal in recognizing the unique challenges facing the corporate paralegal by: emphasizing continuing legal education, furthering education among members of the profession, providing networking opportunities among peers, encouraging a high order of ethical and professional attainment, advocating full utilization of the paralegal as a valued team partner in servicing the legal needs of government and/or corporate entities, providing a voice for its members on the issues facing the paralegal profession, cooperating with bar associations, supporting and carrying out the programs, purposes, aims and goals of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc, establishing good fellowship among Association members, the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. and members of the legal community.

HMPA, a non-profit organization, is one of the largest paralegal associations in the United States. Founded on August 30, 1978, HMPA's goal, then and now, is to promote the professional advancement of paralegals in the Houston metropolitan area. As a non-partisan, non-bargaining association, HMPA strives for a heightened standard of excellence in the profession through the implementation of minimum education standards for its members, and the creation of the advanced Professional Houston Paralegal designation.

HPA pledges to provide programs of education and professional development to advance the professional development, objectives and goals of paralegals. HPA will promote the paralegal profession by maintaining ethical conduct and the highest standards of integrity for governing its members.HPA is dedicated to promoting the education and understanding of legal professionals and the general public, regarding the utilization of paralegals to assist attorneys in providing effective legal services.

Affiliated with the Society for Human Resources Management, HRMA New Orleans represents more than 300 members and more. They offer frequent professional programming, innovative career-building volunteer opportunities and exciting networking experiences.

An organization of information security professionals and practitioners.

A non-profit organization, IEEE is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

For over three decades, the International Legal Technology Association has led the way in sharing knowledge and experience for those faced with challenges in their firms and legal departments. Through delivery of educational content and peer-networking opportunities, we provide members information resources in order to make technology work for the legal profession.

The Louisiana ACC is devoted solely to providing information and networking to in-house attorneys. ACC-LA represents the interests of over 100 in-house attorneys throughout Louisiana.

The mission of the Louisiana Bar Association is to assist and serve its members in the practice of law, assure access to and aid in the administration of justice, assist the Supreme Court in the regulation of the practice of law, uphold the honor of the courts and the profession, promote the professional competence of attorneys, increase public understanding of and respect for the law, and encourage collegiality among its members.

NALS is dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession. NALS Accomplishes its mission and supports the public interest through: continuing legal education and resource materials, networking opportunities, commitment to a Code of Ethics and professional standards, and professional certification programs and designations.

The voice of women in the law.

A trusted provider of continuing legal education and training since 1983, NBI is dedicated to providing you with practical, skill-based CLE seminars and online CLE courses that you can apply to your daily work. From national webcasts to in-person seminars held in your state, we offer the full gamut of training formats so you can get your continuing legal education in whatever way you prefer.

Serving the needs of the Greater New Orleans legal community.

NOPA is dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession in the New Orleans area. Among the benefits of membership are access to a Job Bank, networking opportunities with local law firms, an annual continuing education seminar, monthly meetings, and the support of a community of professionals. NOPA is affiliated with the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).

The Oklahoma Bar Association, headquartered in Oklahoma City, was created by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to advance the administration of justice and to foster and maintain learning, integrity, competence, public service and high standards of conduct among Oklahoma's legal community. The bar and its members are committed to serving the public by making sure the voices of all people in Oklahoma are heard in our justice system.

Oklahoma Women in Tech (OKWIT) is a nonprofit organization of professionals in the technology industry, with a determination to bridge the gap between genders in STEM fields.

Established for the purpose of organizing and promoting the paralegal profession in the Rocky Mountain region.

The St. Louis Paralegal Association is a non-profit association formed to promote the advancement of the paralegal profession in the St. Louis area through encouragement of high ethical and professional standards and to provide access to information and education for paralegals, and other legal professionals. The St. Louis Paralegal Association is affiliated with The National Association of Legal Assistants ("NALA").

The purpose of the Paralegal Division is to enhance legal assistants' participation in the administration of justice, professional responsibility and public service in cooperation with the State Bar.

was formed in June 1982 for the purpose of providing a forum for legal education and professional growth for Tulsa and surrounding area paralegals and in furtherance of the delivery of quality legal services.

The Tulsa County Bar Association is a valuable resource for both the legal profession as well as for members of the Tulsa community. From continuing legal education and support services, to our lawyer referral services, we’re dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals, and to promoting public awareness and keeping the legal system accessible to all.

A nonprofit organization focused on providing women with legal technology education, networking and leadership opportunities.