Key Employee Removal

A regional investment services company was planning on terminating their Chief Financial Officer after many months of performance issues. After concerns were raised regarding his unfettered access to significant proprietary and confidential business information, the companyís attorneys recommended creating a detailed plan for the CFOís dismissal.

Avansicís Role
Avansicís experts were asked to consult with the companyís CEO and legal team to determine the best management of the CFOís access to digital information both during and after his termination. Due to his position at the company, he had administrative passwords for all of the companyís financial software and tracking systems, making their security of paramount importance.

Avansicís experience with forensics investigations for wrongful termination and proprietary information theft cases allowed us to help create a a detailed list of assets to be secured during the termination. In addition, Avansic was able to suggest several data preservation measures to be enacted in order to prepare for any lawsuits that the terminated CFO might file.

After taking all of the steps recommended in the plan, including Avansicís recommendations, the CFO was terminated without incident. The employee has not filed any wrongful termination claims and the company did not experience any data loss or alteration.