Full and Part Time Internships

Downtown Tulsa, OK

Avansic is committed to providing quality digital forensics services to the business and legal communities. It is our mission to adhere to the highest standards of quality, confidentiality, and diligence.

Technical Internships:

Forensics Specialists are responsible for collecting digital information from digital devices in an evidentiary fashion, loading the evidence onto laboratory machines, and preparing the evidence to be examined as directed by the evidence manager. They are responsible for selecting the appropriate equipment, and maintaining proper chain of custody and evidence handling techniques in order to preserve the authenticity of digital evidence. Forensics specialists may be asked to assist with investigations as required by the Director of Investigations.

Research and Development Specialists provide groundbreaking innovations in digital forensics technologies. Past projects include integration and testing of new products, development of patent pending products, and industry market studies. Projects are proposed, assigned, and managed by the Director of Research. Avansic considers research a critical component of the company’s success.

Avansic seeks highly motivated, team oriented, self-starting individual for technical internships.

Please e-mail internships@avansic.com for application materials.