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Avansic at Tulsa County Bar's Professional Day
04-18-2012, Avansic - Corporate
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Avansic sponsoring DAPA luncheon
04-17-2012, Avansic - Corporate
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Avansic's experts publish article on
04-09-2012, Inside Counsel - Mr. Tom O'Connor and Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Mr. Tom O'Connor, Director of Professional Services, and Dr. Gavin W. Manes, President and CEO, recently wrote an article entitled "Danger of Storing Information on the Cloud" for's Outside Experts section. [read more]

Tom O'Connor Hire in Tulsa World
03-26-2012, Tulsa World - Tulsa World Staff
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Avansic Booth at New Orleans Bench and Bar Conference
03-23-2012, Avansic - Corporate
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Avansic Opens a Professional and Expert Services Division
03-13-2012, Avansic - Corporate
With Tom O'Connor joining the Avansic team as Director of Professional Services, Avansic has officially opened a Professional and Expert Services division. [read more]

Avansic hosting summer internship program beginning in May 2012
03-02-2012, Avansic - Corporate
Internship are project based and focus on the resolution of real-world problems in the forensics and e-discovery arena. Projects may involve research, programming and system testing. [read more]

Avansic Sponsoring Dallas Young Lawyers Event at the Gin Mill
02-23-2012, Avansic - Corporate
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Avansic mentioned in Legal Technology Insider
02-21-2012, Avansic - Corporate
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Avansic Tracker Announcement featured in industry publications
01-27-2012, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic's recent announcement about Avansic Tracker, a tool designed to visually represent e-discovery case progress, has been featured in a number of industry publications and blogs: [read more]

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