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IT Asset Disposition: Firms Can Help Properly Dispose of Unwanted Electronics
06-18-2010, Processor Magazine - Jean Thilmany
Many enterprises are aware of the issues behind IT asset disposition; however, there are quite a few that continue to place their assets in storage and/or throw hardware away with the regular trash. There are safer ways to dispose of assets, and a disposition service provider can help you rid hardware [read more]

Avansic whitepaper published in "The Tulsa Lawyer"
06-07-2010, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic's whitepaper entitled "Oklahoma'a Civil Procedure Discovery Code Changes to Acknowledging Digital Information" appears in the June 2010 issue of The Tulsa Lawyer, a publication of the Tulsa County Bar Association. [read more]

Avansic's De-NISTing paper named "Whitepaper of the Day" by Law Technology News
06-04-2010, Avansic - Corporate
[read more]

How De-NISTing Really Works - Reducing Document Review
06-02-2010, Avansic - Corporate
Reducing the number of documents to review during an e-discovery project is a high priority for both attorneys and their clients. One commonly used technique is to remove files from a document set that are known to belong to certain software programs. This process is called “Known File Filtering” and [read more]

How to Choose An E-Discovery Vendor
06-01-2010, The Addendum (a publication of the Alabama State Bar Association) - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
The following article appeared in the June 2010 issue of "The Addendum", a monthly publication of the Alabama State Bar Association. [read more]

Dr. Gavin W. Manes included in "Gulf Oil Spill Expert Alert"
05-27-2010, Forbes - PR Newswire
Dr. Gavin W. Manes, president and CEO, Avansic, a leading e-discovery and digital forensics firm: "Even hours after the spill began, there was talk about the legal implications for all the companies involved, including BP, Cameron, Halliburton and Transocean. The amount of digital information and electronic [read more]

Avansic's new partner, Tom O'Connor, quoted in article discussing e-discovery and the BP oil spill
05-27-2010, Legal IT Professionals - Christy Burke
As oil from the BP spill continues to spread into the Gulf waters, the eDiscovery scenario for the company continues to expand and worsen as well. BP has already agreed to take full responsibility for the fallout of this catastrophe, which is one of the most epic environmental debacles…ever. [read more]

E-Discovery Partnership Announced: Tom O'Connor and Avansic Now Serving New Orleans
05-26-2010, Avansic - Corporate
New Orleans, May 19th, 2010 - Avansic and Mr. Tom O’Connor announced today that they are partnering to better serve the electronic discovery and digital forensics needs of lawyers and businesses in the greater New Orleans area. [read more]

New State Rules Bring E-Discovery Challenges Home
04-26-2010, The Journal Record - Kirby Lee Davis
TULSA – While on the road Friday, McAfee & Taft trial lawyer Jim Webb tapped the modern convenience of e-mail to put together a Monday meeting – and in doing so, demonstrated the legal profession’s increasing challenge with electronic discovery. [read more]

How I Got Here: The Career Path of a Digital Forensics Expert - Lance Watson, Vice President of Case Management at Avansic.
03-09-2010, IT World - Dan Blacharski
Lance Watson has done a little bit of everything -- from working on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys, to digging ditches and delivering pizzas. His job at a company installing and troubleshooting voicemail systems took him to a project in the Arctic Circle, where he went ice fishing and ate whale meat [read more]

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