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Avansic Article Published in Journal
03-27-2009, Tulsa Business Journal - Tulsa Business Staff
'IEEE Security and Privacy' features an article by Tulsa-based Avansic about electronically stored information, rules and licensing. [read more]

Overview of Licensing and Legal Issues for Digital Forensic Investigators
03-24-2009, IEEE Security & Privacy - March/April 2009 (vol. 7 no. 2) - Gavin W. Manes, Elizabeth Downing
Digital forensic examiners face challenges outside the technical aspects of collecting, investigating, and storing digital information. Rules about admissibility and the licensing requirements for forensic professionals must also be taken into account. [read more]

Companies still in the dark on ID theft deadline
03-09-2009, The Journal Record - Kirby Lee Davis
TULSA – In less than 60 days, nearly every company in Oklahoma will find itself facing federal identity theft mandates that remain relatively unknown despite several high-profile cases and extensions. [read more]

Data Theft Common By Departing Employees
02-26-2009, The Washington Post - Brian Krebs
Many people who are either laid-off from their job or simply moving to another opportunity often secretly take proprietary data from their employer on their way out the door, a study released this week found. [read more]

Location, Affordability Attract Tech Firms
01-19-2009, Tulsa Business Journal - Gavin Manes, Guest Commentary
High-tech companies are taking a second look at “fly-over-country” as fertile ground for basing their businesses. Tech-friendly Tulsa is attracting – and retaining- a growing number of high-tech companies because its central location can lower the cost of doing business with clients from coast to coast. [read more]

People Spotlight: Dede Soule
01-18-2009, Tulsa World - Staff Reports
Avansic Digital Forensics Professionals has named Dede Soulé as its manager of sales and marketing. [read more]

News On 6 Special Report: Computer Privacy Exposed
11-06-2008, News On 6 - KOTV - Lori Fullbright
TULSA, OK -- When many people get a new computer, they throw away, donate or sell their old one. Businesses will often do the same thing. [read more]

Entrepreneurship Workshop guides aspiring business owners
09-30-2008, The Daily Oklahoman - Jim Stafford
A year ago, Michelle Witt was a graduate student working on her MBA at the University of Tulsa when she heard about the "Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?” workshop for aspiring business owners. [read more]

L.A. Oil Company Sues Somebody Over Something Energy: Suit targeting ‘John Doe’ may help Occidental trace leak.
09-15-2008, Los Angeles Business Journal - Joel Russell
The defendant in a lawsuit that Occidental Petroleum Corp. filed last week is a question mark. But whoever it is will now know that the oil giant is hot on the trail. [read more]

Digital Forensics changes name
08-24-2008, Tulsa World - Staff Reports
Digital Forensics Professionals Inc., a Tulsa-based computer investigative service, has changed its name to Avansic. [read more]

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