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Dr. Gavin Manes presents "Digital Forensics - Applications for Investigators" at the WIC
08-12-2006, Avansic - Corporate
Dr. Manes presented "Digital Forensics - Applications for Investigators" at the first-ever World Investigators Conference in Las Vegas, 2005. This conference was deisgned for private investigators, and is being co-sponsored by the World Association of Detectives and dozens of state, national, and internation [read more]

Crime online
07-23-2006, Tulsa World - John Dobberstein
In a small, dimly lit computer lab at the Mid-Continent Tower, Gavin Manes and his examiners look for signs of greed and crime. [read more]

Dr. Manes to present to the ISACA Tulsa Chapter
07-20-2006, Avansic - Corporate
Digital Forensics: Applications for IT Audit and Security Professionals [read more]

OKDFP Releases Five Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online
07-19-2006, Avansic - Corporate
As part of a new community outreach program, Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals is presenting free seminars to schools, teachers and parents to educate them on how to protect children when online. [read more]

OKDFP to speak at the 2006 Texas Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute
07-08-2006, Avansic - Corporate
[read more]

OKDFP to present at the Great Plains SHRM Chapter
07-02-2006, Avansic - Corporate
[read more]

Tulsa Company Recovers Information from Electronic Devices
06-20-2006, The Journal Record - Matt Cauthron
TULSA The digital age has completely transformed the way information is collected, shared and stored. Naturally, it has also transformed the way investigations into crime and impropriety are carried out. [read more]

Digital Forensic Professionals Hires New Employee
06-17-2006, Tulsa Business Journal - Staff
Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals Inc. has announced the hiring of a new account executive. Chris Noel brings his business management skills and strategic marketing knowledge to OKDFP and will be responsible for outside sales. [read more]

Good for business
04-01-2006, Tulsa World - Tom Walker
The University of Tulsa demonstrates why continuing the trend toward a technology- and innovation-based economy is the blueprint for Tulsa's and Oklahoma's economic success ("INVENTORS UP THE INVENTORY," March 11). [read more]

TU Computer Science Professors File Patent Application
03-20-2006, The University of Tulsa - Joan Nesbitt
On Software for Removing Digital Information From Computers [read more]

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