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Avansic Earns iCONECT's Platinum Partner Recognition
05-20-2014, Avansic - Corporate
Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 20, 2014 – Avansic: E-Discovery & Digital Forensics is proud to announce it has earned iCONECT Development's Platinum Partner Award for 2014, which recognizes demonstrated commitment to excellence in litigation support services as an XERA® service provider. [read more]

Avansic Whitepaper: You Still Need Forensics, Even in a World of E-Discovery
05-08-2014, Avansic - Corporate
Forensics and e-discovery share a goal: to locate digital evidence to support investigations or fact discovery. E-discovery is content-based but digital forensics focuses more on context. E-discovery helps inform the “what” of a given scenario and forensics can help identify the “how” and “when.” [read more]

Whitepaper: Forensics 101
05-07-2014, Avansic - Corporate
Digital forensics is the preservation, investigation and analysis of data from digital devices for use in litigation, mediation or general business practice. Forensics is used to dig deep into a computer for deleted and double-deleted files and to seek out information that may not be obvious during a [read more]

Tulsa World Announcement for Avansic's New Online Document Review Supervisor
04-14-2014, Tulsa World - Tulsa World
Meredith Lee recently joined the Avansic team as our Online Review Document Supervisor. She is responsible for assisting clients with all aspects of their litigation discovery needs. She holds a BA from the University of Tulsa as well as a Certificate in Paralegal Studies (with Honors). [read more]

Avansic CEO Quoted in Tulsa World Article
03-25-2014, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
Avansic's CEO, Dr. Gavin W. Manes, was quoted in today's Tulsa World Business Section. The article, entitled "Microsoft spying on Hotmail user provides lesson for everyone," discusses email privacy in the workplace. [read more]

Predictive Coding Explained
03-10-2014, Techno Gumbo - Tom O'Connor
Well, not exactly. Like Henry Ford, when I don't know the answer to a question I try to find a colleague who DOES know the answer. So for an explanation of predictive coding I turned to Gavin Manes, President and CEO of Avansic Inc. Gavin has a PhD in technical things I can't even describe, was a computer [read more]

Avansic Whitepaper: Concept, Privilege and Plaintiff Review: Oh My!
02-17-2014, Avansic - Corporate
Concept, Privilege and Plaintiff Review: Oh My! [read more]

Whitepaper: 7 Things all Law Firms (and their IT staff) need to know about HIPAA
11-13-2013, Avansic - Avansic and iCONECT
7 Things all Law Firms (and their IT staff) need to know about HIPAA [read more]

Avansic's CEO featured in news story: "Your Online Posts Could be Revealing More Than You Realize"
06-28-2013, News on 6 - Lori Fullbright, News on 6
Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Avansic's CEO, was featured in a news story regarding the potential metadata available on photographs posted on social media sites. [read more]

Read the Newest Whitepaper: Not All Litigation Holds Are the Same
06-25-2013, Avansic - Corporate
Not All Litigation Holds Are the Same [read more]

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