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Electronically Stored Information: E-Discovery and Digital Forensics
09-17-2010 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Louisiana State Paralegal Association
In the first hour of this presentation, Dr. Manes will discuss the basics of e-discovery and digital forensics, including ESI processing, the EDRM, and a process flow for the stages of e-discovery.

In the second hour, Dr. Manes will provide an overview of the ethical considerations for handling electronically stored information. This includes the effect of issues such as licensing, the discovery of pornography, double-review of documents, and the handling of privileged information. Dr. Manes will conclude with a discussion of FRCP Rule 37 and potential sanctions for the improper handling of ESI.

The Louisiana State Paralegal Association was formed in 1986 as the result of a group of paralegals/legal assistants from Baton Rouge, Monroe and Lake Charles meeting at a celebration for graduates of the LSU Paralegal Studies Program in Baton Rouge. Dr. Manes is speaking at the Annual Conference in Alexandria, Louisiana.