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Avansic's Procrastionation CLE - Tulsa
12-06-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Mr. Joe Mulenex

It's close to your last chance to earn CLE credit for 2011 - plan to attend Avansic's Procrastination CLE in Tulsa on December 6th.

The event will take place on the 15th floor of the MidContinent Tower (conference center), 401 S. Boston. Coffee and snacks will be served.

This event is free but space is limited - RSVP is REQUIRED to

8 AM - ESI: Focus on Data Processing & Metadata
9 AM - ESI: Focus on Data Production & Searching
10 AM - Controlling ESI Costs
11 AM - ESI: Focus on Ethics (1 Ethics Credit)

Course Descriptions:

ESI: Focus on Data Processing & Metadata - This presentation specifically discusses the processing stage of electronically stored information. The presenter details the advantages and disadvantages of the currently available tools in relation to the specific information being processed, as well as their relative cost. The various file types for review and production are discussed, as well as an appropriate processing and production plan. A business approach to the management of the processing procedure will also be outlined.

ESI: Focus on Production & Searching - This presentation discusses the intricacies of review, production, and searching for e-discovery projects. It introduces the basic search language and operators that can be used to quickly and efficiently comb through documents that may or may not be relevant. The presentation includes several suggestions for reducing expenses through early case analysis and limiting review. The presentation includes a section on the proper use of de-duplication and email threading.

Controlling ESI Costs - This presentation discusses the variety of reasons for high e-discovery costs and ways to reduce those expenses. This includes practical steps that can be taken at any point during e-discovery, from preservation to processing to production. The presentation includes a section on the proper use of de-duplication.

ESI: Focus on Ethics - The ethics issues that arise during e-discovery of handling will be discussed in this presentation. The presenter will discuss the ethical issues encountered at each step of ESI processing including preservation, processing, and review; this includes the duty to preserve, ethical issues involving metadata, de-duplication, and the ethical use of technology to reduce review time. The presenters will also discuss the issues of licensing that have arisen within the e-discovery field. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of Rule 37 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.