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Controlling ESI Costs
08-12-2011 - Mr. Tom O'Connor
Avansic's Lunch Lecture Series
Mr. Tom O'Connor, Regional Technical Consultant for Avansic, will be presenting 1 hour of CLE at noon on August 12th.

"Controlling ESI Costs" will be held on the 15th floor of the Mid-Continent Tower (401 S. Boston in downtown Tulsa).

This event is free but reservations are REQUIRED to or by calling 888-808-0337. Light lunch will be provided.

Mr. O'Connor is a nationally known consultant, speaker, and writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. He has participated in numerous complex litigation matters including large class action lawsuits. He is based in New Orleans but will be visiting Tulsa for a few days in August and will give this presentation during his visit.

"Controlling ESI Costs" discusses the variety of reasons for high e-discovery costs and ways to reduce those expenses. This includes practical steps that can be taken at any point during e-discovery, from preservation to processing to production. The presentation includes a section on the proper use of de-duplication.