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If Hackers Don't Kill You, Litigation Will
08-17-2011 - Mr. Joe Mulenex
Tulsa IMA Chapter Meeting
Mr. Mulenex, a Regional Technical Director at Avansic, will be giving an hourlong talk at the monthly Tulsa chapter meeting of the Institute of Management Accountants.

"If Hackers Don't Kill You, Litigation Will" discusses the particular challenges of the IT department during the discovery portion of litigation. The issue of data collection, preservation, and investigation becomes even more complex since attorneys know little about technology. Communications regarding digital information during legal proceedings are confusing at best and incomprehensible at worst. Unfortunately, the consequences of miscommunications can be grave: many companies have found themselves on the losing end of lawsuits and large cash settlements due to their inability to produce electronic information. The stakes for these situations are very high and have significant implications for IT departments worldwide since they handle digital information of interest to these lawsuits.

In this session, Mr. Mulenex will discussion strategies to prepare IT professionals – from help desk specialists to C-level executives – prepare for litigation. He will give real world examples of common mistakes that put IT departments and security professionals directly in the line of fire.

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