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E-Discovery Symposium
02-09-2012 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis
Dr. Manes will be speaking at the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis' E-Discovery Symposium on February 9th, 2012.

He will be presenting at a panel discussion at 10 AM entitled "Ethics and E-Discovery: Technology Update." This session is a novice-level, attorney audience presentation focusing on issues such as: (a) the steps in eDiscovery, including preservation strategies, staging collection and prioritizing custodians, strategies to filter/search to reduce review population, vendor selection, metrics and negotiation with opposing counsel, and (b) cloud computing such as accessibility of data and jurisdictional questions, ie how do your clients get data for response to document requests and subpoena responses? Who controls the data? What kind of cooperation can you expect from a provider? What are the costs and other concerns about moving to the cloud from an eDiscovery standpoint?

Dr. Manes will also be particpating in the Plenary Question-and-Answer Panel beginning at noon. This symposium will be held at the St. Louis Bar Association's Headquarters.

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