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ESI: An Extended Overview and ESI: Focus on Ethics
02-23-2012 - Mr. Tom O'Connor
Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
Mr. Tom O'Connor will be giving three hours of CLE at the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association on February 23rd.

ESI: An Extended Overview
In the first hour, the presenter will introduce the complexities and challenges of electronically stored information in the legal context. In the second hour, preservation and collection issues related to digital evidence will be presented, particularly in relation to the courtís expectations. The presenter will also cover the current case law and Civil Procedure statutes regarding electronic data.

Mr. O'Connor will also be presenting ESI: Focus on Ethics. The ethics issues that arise during e-discovery of handling will be discussed in this presentation. The presenter will discuss the ethical issues encountered at each step of ESI processing including preservation, processing, and review; this includes the duty to preserve, ethical issues involving metadata, de-duplication, and the ethical use of technology to reduce review time. The presenters will also discuss the issues of licensing that have arisen within the e-discovery field. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of Rule 37 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.