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Controlling ESI Costs
08-07-2012 - Tom O'Connor, Esq.
Avansic's Lecture Series
"Controlling ESI Costs" - 1 hour CLE
presented by Mr. Tom O'Connor
Ronald J. Norick Library, 300 Park Avenue
Friends of the Library Event Room
Noon - 1 pm
Light lunch served

Mr. O'Connor is the Director of Professional Services for Avansic. He is a nationally known consultant, speaker, and writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. He has participated in numerous complex litigation matters, including asbestos litigation the Keating case, California class actions against crematoriums, national breast implant litigation, tobacco litigation on behalf of the Attorney General of Texas and various phases of both the Enron and Madoff cases.

E-discovery cost and pricing is complex, but so is e-discovery itself. Differences can come from different methods of processing or simply the way a one does business. It is critical to work with a standards and a test sets in advance of a project. This presentation will explore these and other issues.

This presentation is free but reservations are required to