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ESI: Focus on Review and Production Strategy, Part II
11-14-2012 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Organization of Legal Professionals
Dr. Gavin Manes, President and CEO of Avansic, will give the second half of this two-part series on the strategy of review and production in e-discovery.

This presentation discusses the intricacies of who, what, when and how of review, production, and searching for e-discovery projects. The presentation includes several suggestions for reducing expenses through early case analysis and limiting review. The presentation includes a section on the proper use of de-duplication and email threading, as well as a discussion of technology assisted review.

The Organization of Legal Professionals is designed to promote the common business interest of the legal community, establish guidelines and standards for legal professionals on e-discovery and other topics, evaluate compliance with same, and serve as a resource on quality certification.