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Avansic's Webinar Series
10-02-2013 - Chris Noel and April Ferguson
Transitioning Review from Desktop to the Web
We invite you to join us for the latest installment of our educational webinars!

This webinar represents the first in a series covering modern document review. We are excited to have April Ferguson, Senior Trial Consultant and Partner at Opveon Litigation Services, co-present on this webinar with Chris Noel, Senior Project Manager at Avansic. Both April and Chris have extensive experience in both the nitty-gritty of review as well as overall project workflow.

Document Review: Transitioning from Desktop to Web-Based Tools

Wednesday, October 2nd
Noon – 1 pm (Central Time)

This webinar will cover two major topics: a “review overview” and a discussion of project management and workflow. Both of these will be discussed showing techniques on both desktop and web-based review tools.

The overview will cover data organization, basic user setup, loadfiles, redaction and production. It will also include an in-depth discussion of using Summation knowledge to accelerate learning to web-based review tools; given the drastic changes of legacy tools such as Summation, many firms are investigating new tools and this presentation can help define some of the possibilities.

During the project management portion of the webinar, April and Chris will discuss how to request data from an opposing party, how to use de-dupe to your advantage, and the security of your data. Since many attorneys find themselves needing to convert data for online review purposes, that topic will be also be explored. Tech issues such as bandwidth, proper training, and tech support during review will also be covered.

Mark your calendars for the second installment in the series on October 22nd - topic is Advanced Review and Searching.

For a quick demonstration of Avansic's XERA online review tool, see below: