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7 Things all Law Firms (and their IT staff) need to know about HIPAA
11-20-2013 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes (CEO of Avansic), Ian Campbell (President of iCONECT), Gordon Moffat (LPM Director - EDiscovery, Baker Donelson)
Avansic Webinar Series
Avansic is offering a free webinar on 7 things law firms need to know about the recent changes to HIPAA - specifically, the impacts on how they handle electronic data that contains personal health information.

Wednesday November 20th
Noon (Central Time)
Webinar is FREE but RSVP here

The presenters will discuss the recent rule changes that require law firms and their vendors to follow much stricter guidelines with respect to data handling, access, written policies & procedures, audits recordkeeping, and more. The presenters will also discuss who is allowed access to PHI data, encryption, policies and procedures, legacy IT platforms, and monitoring access. There will be additional discussion about the use of the cloud when handling Personal Health Information.