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Bring Your Own Device
09-16-2014 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
IMA Tulsa
Dr. Manes will give an hourlong presentation on "Bring Your Own Device" in the modern business landscape.

Mobile technology is a necessity for most employees and companies today, including devices such as laptops, mobile devices (PDAs, smart phones, etc.), portable storage (external hard drives, USB drives, DVDs and CDs, etc.), and remote access. It is easier today than ever before for employees to take their offices on the road. Although mobile technology provides great benefits, it also has risks. Mobile devices can be easily lost, stolen or compromised which means breaches of confidentiality or loss of data. The speaker will explore information security basics, laptop and portable device security, encryption, remote access and connecting wirelessly and secure disposal. He will also discuss current caselaw related to Bring-Your-Own-Device in the context of who owns the information and/or social media content. Steps to take regarding BYOD in a corporate context will also be covered.