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E-Discovery and Digital Forensics: Government Subpoena and Civil Litigation
08-21-2014 - Gavin W. Manes
9th Annual Oklahoma IT Symposium
This presentation focuses on the hot topics of the day in e-discovery for CIOs. Dr. Manes will give a brief overview of the e-discovery process with a focus on planning and strategy to help reduce costs. He will dicuss the benefits and drawbacks of technology assisted review and predictive coding in order to reduce the review burden. As well, he will talk about the different workflows when responding to government subpoenas vs. civil litigation. Dr. Manes brings a scientific approach to these issues as well as the practical knowledge gleaned from performing e-discovery processing on a daily basis.

The Oklahoma IT symposium is organized by the members of the ISLOK (Information Systems Leadership of Oklahoma) and the Tulsa CIO Forum. The mission is to provide collaborative platforms for Executive IT leadership, from over 50 of Oklahoma's largest public/private sector organizations, to advance thought leadership on best practices through sharing successes and challenges prevalent across all industries.