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Hot Topics in E-Discovery, Complex Litigation and Tech for Your Practice, Modern Document Review, and the Ethics of ESI
12-09-2014 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Thomas Thomassie, Meredith Lee
Avansic's OKC Procrastination CLE
Avansic will host the annual Procrastination CLE on Tuesday, December 9th in Oklahoma City. These talks will be given at the Devon Energy Tower, 2nd Floor, Garden Wing in the Multipurpose Room 3 & 4.

Four hours of CLE will be offered at this presentation:
8:30 AM - Hot Topics in E-Discovery(Dr. Gavin Manes)
9:30 AM - Complex Litigation and Tech for Your Practice (Thomas Thomassie, Attorney)
10:30 AM - Modern Document Review (Meredith Lee)
11:30 AM - The Ethics of ESI (Dr. Gavin Manes)

The faculty for this presentation will include Dr. Gavin W. Manes, CEO at Avansic, Mr. Thomas Thomassie, Attorney at Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards in Lafayette Louisiana, and Meredith Lee, Online Document Review Supervisor and Paralegal at Avansic.

Four hours of CLE will be offered at this presentation. In the first hour, Dr. Manes will discuss the Hot Topics of the day in e-discovery, including encryption, security, metadata, de-duplication, and redaction.

Mr. Thomas Thomassie, attorney at Domengeaux will present the second hour on the topic of complex litigation e-discovery and technology in law practice. He will discuss lessons learned during class action cases, including the BP oil spill, and how those tools and technology can be applied to enhancing your law practice.

The third hour's topic will be presented by Ms. Meredith Lee, Online Document Review Supervisor and Paralegal at Avansic. Ms. Lee will discuss the intricacies of who, what, when and how of review, production, and searching for e-discovery projects. She will cover basic search language and operators that can be used to quickly and efficiently comb through documents that may or may not be relevant. Ms. Lee will discuss the use of technology assisted review and will include some advanced review tips & tricks.

The final hour of the CLE will be given by Dr. Gavin W. Manes and will count for one hour of ethics credit. There will be a discussion of the particular ethical issues encountered at each step of ESI processing including preservation, processing, and review; this includes the duty to preserve, ethical issues involving metadata, de-duplication, and the ethical use of technology to reduce review time. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the ethical use of technology, including search terms and technology assisted review.

This CLE is free but space is limited: RSVP is required to