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Integrating Digital Forensics Techniques into E-Discovery Processing and Review
03-12-2019 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association
Dr. Manes will give a lunch presentation at the monthly meeting of the Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association. This presentation will take place at the Houston CENTER Club at 11:30 on Tuesday, March 12th.

The distance between digital forensics and e-discovery has become even more narrow in the last few years with the diversity of operating systems and devices from which data is collected, processed and reviewed. For instance, the creation time of an item on an iPhone can mean something very different than a creation date of an item on a Windows computer. Dates are also imperative when working on internal investigations and intellectual property theft cases.

Another common digital forensics technique is search term analysis, which helps one determine what term is weighting a set of search terms and needs to be qualified. This techniques are now available in a wide variety of e-discovery platforms and are easily integrated into ECA and document review. In digital forensics, looking at activity for a set of users on multiple devices is a common task; advanced analytics and charts and graphs are available to assist e-discovery personnel while performing the same analysis at a high level.

This presentation includes demonstrations which will show how expanded metadata capabilities, advanced analytics, and different workflows can enhance e-discovery processing, early case assessment and document review.

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