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Searching For Data and Modern Strategies for Forensics and E-Discovery
05-13-2020 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Lance Watson
Work-At-Home Wednesday Webinar
Our Work-at-Home Wednesday Webinar series continues...and this week, we're talking about searching. It's something everyone at every level of e-discovery does, and it's challenging.

This installment of the Work-at-Home Wednesday Webinar series will dive into something everyone handling e-discovery has done: searching. Seemingly simple, the process of search can be surprisingly complicated. Dr. Manes and Mr. Watson are here to help legal professionals and corporations to understand how searching methods vary across data systems. Beyond the syntax, many differences exist in finding documents. This webinar will show techniques for searching Gmail, Exchange, Office365, DTSearch, Elastic, and a few other platforms. Learn how to find "What You Want" AND (this OR that) NOT those!

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