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Data Analytics 101: Practical Applications of Legal Technology in the Field
04-20-2021 - Panel Presentation including Dr. Gavin W. Manes
ABA National Institute on E-Discovery
Dr. Manes will be participating in a panel presentation on April 20th at 11:30 Central on the topic of data analytics.

"The latest generation of legal technologies allow legal departments and law firms to utilize a broad variety of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and e-discovery tools to more efficiently and effectively address investigations, litigation, and transactions. A panel of innovators and skilled litigators will highlight how advanced data analytics can be pragmatically used to assess exposure, conduct due diligence, classify and organize disparate information, uncover hidden relationships between people and events, and reveal "big picture" issues or trends, as well as identify critical evidence. This high-level overview will equip participants with a basic understanding of such tools and how and when they can materially assist in the practice of law."

For more information or to register, please visit the link above.