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In-Depth Digital Forensics
07-21-2021 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes, George Patterson, Joel Sallee, Lance Watson
New Orleans Paralegal Association Lunch-and-Learn
Dr. Manes will give a lunchtime presentation via Zoom to the New Orleans Paralegal Association on Wednesday April 19th at Noon Central.

This presentation will provide a look at digital forensics capabilities in-depth, with perspectives from several of Avansicís experts. It will begin with an overview of the types of devices that can be collected (including cell phones) and the types of devices we recommend collecting during an investigation. The presenters will then discuss metadata and clear up confusion regarding created, modified and accessed dates. Data carving will be defined and examples given of what can be recovered; this will include a discussion of retrieving deleted information from cell phones and the role of backup and syncing in that instance.

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