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Searching the Virtual File Cabinets: What Is Electronic Discovery?, Obtaining Electronic Data, Producing Electronically Stored Information
11-11-2009 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
National Business Institute Seminar, Tulsa
Dr. Manes will present at 9 AM, 11:15 AM, and 1:15 PM.

What is Electronic Discovery?
-Defining the concept of e-discovery
-Types of data included in ESI
-How does e-discovery differ from traditional discovery methods
-Value of e-discovery and ESI in litigation

Obtaining Electronic Data
-Know where to look for all sources and custodians of ESI
-Limiting the scope of discovery
-Verifying the authenticity of obtained ESI

Producing ESI
-Organizing the data processing (who, how, when)
-Producing the information - file format options
-Preserving the "chain of custody"
-Keeping down costs