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E-Discovery Readiness: How Legal Decisions Affect IT and Vice Versa
10-05-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
TechX 2011 Conference and Expo

Dr. Manes will be giving an hourlong presentation at the TechX 2011 Conference and Expo in Baton Rouge - he will be giving this presentation once on October 5th and again on October 6th. [read more]

Electronic Discovery in a Nutshell
09-21-2011 - Mr. Joe Mulenex
National Business Institute

Mr. Joe Mulenex will be giving an hourlong talk covering the basics of E-Discovery, from A-Z. This presentation includes a discussion of the Sedona Principles, recent cases, discoverable ESI, and how to choose a vendor. Mr. Mulenex will also speak about the admissibility of ESI and talk about e-discovery [read more]

E-Discovery and Digital Forensics: An Overview, ESI: Focus on Ethics, and Social Media
09-21-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes

Dr. Manes will be presenting three hours of CLE for Houston Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators on September 21st, 2011. This talk will take place at the Four Seasons as a part of the Morning Educational Session and Chapter Luncheon. [read more]

Women in E-Discovery, Central Texas Chapter
09-15-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Controlling ESI Costs

Dr. Manes will be presenting an hour long talk on "Controlling ESI Costs" to the Central Texas Chapter of Women in E-Discovery on September 15th at noon. The presentation will take place at Fulbright & Jaworski. [read more]

Electronically Stored Information: E-Discovery and Digital Forensics
09-07-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Baton Rouge Bar Association, Vendor Day Fair

Dr. Manes will be giving a one hour overview of the e-discovery and digital forensics process at the BRBA's Vendor Day Fair on September 7th, 2011. The presentation will be at 9:45 AM in the main room of the Baton Rouge River Center. [read more]

ESI: Extended Overview and ESI: Ethics and Considerations
08-27-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Alabama Association of Paralegals Summer Seminar and Annual Meeting

Dr. Gavin W. Manes will be giving two presentations at the Alabama Association of Paralegals' Summer Seminar and Annual Meeting at Orange Beach, Alabama. He will be speaking at the Island House Hotel on the morning of Saturday August 27th. [read more]

If Hackers Don't Kill You, Litigation Will
08-17-2011 - Mr. Joe Mulenex
Tulsa IMA Chapter Meeting

Mr. Mulenex, a Regional Technical Director at Avansic, will be giving an hourlong talk at the monthly Tulsa chapter meeting of the Institute of Management Accountants. [read more]

E-Discovery and Digital Forensics for Court Reporters
08-16-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Missouri Supreme Court, Court Reporters Education Committee

Dr. Manes will be giving an hourlong presentation in St. Louis for the Court Reporters Education Committee on August 16th. [read more]

Controlling ESI Costs
08-12-2011 - Mr. Tom O'Connor
Avansic's Lunch Lecture Series

Mr. Tom O'Connor, Regional Technical Consultant for Avansic, will be presenting 1 hour of CLE at noon on August 12th. [read more]

Cloud Computing for the Legal Profession
08-02-2011 - Mr. Joe Mulenex
ODCTE CareerTech Summer Conference, Business and Information Technology Education Group

Mr. Mulenex will be giving a presentation on Cloud Computing for the Legal Profession at the Tulsa Technology Center-Riverside Campus (Room F219) from 8:30 to 10:20 on August 2nd, 2011. [read more]

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