Avansic Article Published in The ISAA Journal
05-01-2009, Information Systems Security Association Journal - Dr. Gavin W. Manes and Elizabeth Downing
Dr. Manes and Ms. Downing recently published an article entitled "What Security Professionals Need to Know About Digital Evidence" in the peer-reviewed ISSA Journal.

Companies are now prepared for and protected against many threats to the security of their electronic information and assets. However, other dangers are lurking, and one of the most pressing is the use of an IT department's own electronic information during litigation events.

Litigation defense represents the next frontier for information technology professionals, one which is fraught with peril since there are intricacies to the legal system that are not immediately evident. The evolution of security as a subset of the IT world, beginning from outsourced work to the full integration of security professionals at C-level positions, will likely prove to be a model for the integration of digital forensics and electronic discovery as litigation defense moves into corporations across the nation.