Avansic's President and CEO quoted in "The Business Owner"
12-23-2010, The Business Owner, a DL Perkins Publication - David Perkins
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Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Avansic's President and CEO, was recently quoted in "The Business Owner" publication regarding the security of electronic information.

"Dr. Gavin Manes, digital forensics expert and CEO of Avansic, says employee theft of confidential data is shockingly common. 'Electronic data [are] difficult to protect because virtually every employee uses a computer, has ready access to confidential data, and has multiple options for transferring and/or making a copy of proprietary data,' he explains. 'But there are some basic things employers can do to reduce the risk of breach.' "

To read the rest of the article, "Litigation First Step: Secure E-Evidence," click on the link above.

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