Avansic featured in front page Journal Record article: "Logic in the Cloud"
10-24-2011, Journal Record - D. Ray Tuttle
Dr. Gavin Manes and Avansic were recently featured in a front-page article in the Journal Record. Dr. Manes was speaking about the proliferation of cloud computing and its advantages and disadvantages for businesses and attorneys. Read below for an excerpt

TULSA – Cloud computing has become the latest and greatest trend in file sharing, said Gavin Manes, president and CEO of Tulsa-based Avansic Inc.

It has become a hot topic for good reason, he said.

“The cloud has a number of benefits, but business and legal professionals should take into account their confidentiality and privilege requirements when entrusting the cloud with their firms' and clients' data,” Manes said.

Manes founded Avansic in 2004. The company provides digital forensics to the legal and business communities. Avansic uses electronic discovery, data preservation and expert witness testimony to support companies in court cases.

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