Article Quotes Dr. Gavin W. Manes
05-06-2013, - Minda Zetlin . . . ing-a-security-risk/
Inc.'s Tech section featured an article on "Unintended Consequences: How to Keep Social Media from Becoming a Security Risk" and Dr. Gavin Manes is quoted.

"A manufacturing company was about to make a major expansion. The plan was to build a new warehouse and improve shipping times. Excited executives announced the move on the company's website and its blog. They posted on Facebook and tweeted about the new expansion on Twitter.

As the day for the big move approached, they told customers about potential shipping delays, but said they'd return with better service than ever.

On the first day, several men wearing the uniforms of a well-known logistics company showed up to help with the move. With dozens of legitimate workers swarming around the site, they blended in easily and no one questioned them as they loaded equipment into their own van. They drove off before anyone realized they were interlopers.

“They got away with more than $1 million in equipment and inventory,” says Gavin Manes, Ph.D., president and CEO of Avansic, which specializes in digital forensics. Avansic helped investigate the incident and track down the perpetrators. (Some details have been changed to protect the business, though not the amount of the loss.)"

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