Federal Rule Change Spurs Demand for Digital Forensics
12-13-2006, Tulsa Business Journal - Staff
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Due to an increasing number of court cases relying on digital evidence, the Supreme Court has enacted new rules that will require businesses to retain more electronic records, say local digital experts Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals Inc.
The groundbreaking changes not only hold companies accountable, but accelerate preliminary court proceedings by requiring the information to be easily presented in court. The definition of electronics is diverse and may include thousands of e-mails, spreadsheets and documents, to name a few.

“These changes bring the use of electronic evidence to the forefront for every legal professional across the nation,” said Gavin Manes, president and director of research for OKDFP. “Not only is it beneficial to their cases, but it helps the electronic discovery and forensics industries assist at the beginning of the process, rather than a last resort.”

“The Digital Evidence Project” from the Oklahoma Bar Association reports that more than 90 percent of documents and communications in the modern business world are created electronically, most of which are never transferred to paper. As a result, it has been difficult for companies to efficiently preserve the information and produce it in court in a timely manner.

Digital forensics companies such as OKDFP are now in high demand for their skills in collecting and analyzing information from digital devices such as computers, personal digital assistants and even cell phones. These companies can help businesses formulate plans for evidence preservation that meet the new requirements.

For more information about OKDFP, call Nicole Morgan at 599-0029 or visit the Web site at www.okdfp.com. For more information about the rule changes, visit www.uscourts.gov/rules.