Testimonial from an Avansic Customer
03-24-2016, Avansic - Corporate
We recently received a thank you note from one of our customers and it emphasizes everything that we hope each of our customers and not-yet-customers feel about working with us:

"I would also emphasize that Avansic is wonderful in working with you through the entire process. They are great about giving you the options that are available to you, giving rough estimates, having conference calls to discuss the pros and cons of things, etc. In addition, you guys have also been wonderful in helping or assisting me with crafting search terms or even creating them on your own. I usually send the discovery information to you guys and then we discuss what are good terms and bad terms, etc. You guys have also came back after initial searches and said we need to change this or take a look at the hits on the terms, etc. That is a huge thing that I love about your company. I have even picked up the phone and spoke directly to Gavin who was more than happy to take the time to explain something to me. The fact that you guys are always there for questions, assistance, etc. is a huge selling point for me. Even though we both are companies and have to make money, I do not feel like it is about the money with you guys; it is about creating a quality relationship and product."