Digital Experts Offer Tips to Avoid Identity Theft
11-16-2006, Avansic - Corporate
Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals released today a series of tips to help consumers make safe online purchases this holiday season. More than 47 percent of American consumers plan to purchase holiday gifts online this year, contributing to a nearly $5 billion industry, according to a recent study by the National Retail Federation.

While online shopping provides an unparalleled selection of gifts and prices, the dangers of fraud and identity theft linger as consumers submit credit card and other personal information. To help safeguard your privacy, OKDFP provides the following suggestions:

1. Know the site
Look for the padlock icon in your Web browser, which shows communication with the site is secure. Double click on the icon to view the certificate and match its information to the site. Also, a warning should pop up when you are entering an unsecured area of a Web site.

2. Pay with confidence
Only give your credit card number to trusted Web sites, and never use e-mail or instant messenger to transmit payment information. Reputable sellers only accept credit cards and online payments services, which usually offer consumer protection. Never send cash or cashiers checks, and be wary of sending personal checks. They do not have any consumer protection.

3. Use a trusted network
Shop from a personal computer. Public computers can have spy software that captures personal or password information. Also, be cautious when using public wireless networks. Most do not have adequate security to protect your information.

4. Speak up
Contact the police, credit card company or online payment service immediately if you suspect fraud or identity theft. The faster you identify the problem, the easier it is to fix.

Since 2003, Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals Inc. has been committed to providing digital forensics services to business and legal communities by investigating and retrieving information from computer hard drives and other digital devices. OKDFP adheres to the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and diligence in the field of digital forensics.

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