Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you charge?

Avansic has competitive rates for collection, processing, production, and colsulting. For full details and pricing please contact Avansic at (888) 808-0337.

  • We charge per hour for onsite collections plus destination media. We waive travel charges under some circumstances.
  • We charge a flat rate per device for laboratory collections.
  • We have a per-gigabyte charge for various processing services (including loadfile production).
  • For large projects, we can provide flat fee pricing.
  • Online review is billed as initial setup, monthly case hosting, and a monthly user fee.
  • Avansicís Managed Services are billed as a flat fee package.
  • Expert work and consulting is billed by the hour.
What is Avansic's Managed Services?

Managed Services is a way for you to be able to process and review or just review your data, using Avansic's hardware and software that resides at our office. Clients have the ability to log on to their system at any time, but handling servers, licenses, and updates is performed by Avansic. Managed Services gives clients immediate access to very powerful processing and review tools without the hassle of negotiating contracts for software, purchasing hardware, and hiring the personnel to setup and maintain those tools.

How much does Managed Services cost?

Avansicís Managed Services are billed as a flat fee package. This makes it far less complex than outsourcing each individual case. Avansicís Managed Services cost is also far more predictable than purchasing software in house, where additional IT management is necessary. Avansic provides training on the tools, as well as documented suggested workflows. Several hours of consulting with Avansicís expert Project Managers are built in to the Managed Services package. Please contact an Account Executive at (888) 808-0337 to quote your project.

If Iím a Managed Services customer, where is my data?

Avansic handles the hardware, licensing, upgrades, and maintenance in the Managed Services offering. All data resides on servers in Avansicís secure laboratory behind several layers of physical and information security measures. Managed Services clients do not have to purchase any hardware or software.

What kind of devices can Avansic handle?

Computer hard drives and servers are the most common digital devices requested for collection and investigation, but we can also find digital information on cell phones, printers, mp3 players, tablets, digital cameras, network equipment, email systems (Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.) and voicemail systems.

What kind of clients does Avansic have?

Avansic works with attorneys, litigation support departments, and corporations across the country. Our smallest cases usually involve a computer hard drive; in our largest case, we processed two terabytes of data in one week.

How does collection work?

When possible, Avansic collects a forensically sound fully defensible copy of each digital device, which is the gold standard in the industry. We use write blockers to collect a bit-by-bit copy (also called a forensics copy). Collecting a forensics image allows us to recover deleted information as well.

This process generally takes between 1 and 4 hours per computer to collect onsite (we can collect multiple computers simultaneously). It can be done on your site or in our laboratory. If the digital device in question is large (such as a file or email server) and only certain information is required, Avansic can perform a select data collection using forensically sound techniques.

During collection, how long will the computer be out of service?

Forensics copying can take up to 4 hours for a typical hard drive, which Avansic can do both during and after normal business hours. After the copy has been taken, the computer can be returned to normal use.

What if the information is on a server that we canít take down?

Avansic has experience in performing live acquisitions of technology that cannot be taken offline. Call a Project Manager at (888) 808-0337 for more information.

What if weíre not in your area?

Avansic can collect digital evidence in any state in the nation; depending on the scope of the project, it may be possible for you to ship the digital evidence to us. Call a Project Manager at 888-808-0337 for more information.

How does ESI processing work?

Once Avansic receives a data set, we prepare it for processing by removing known, ignorable files otherwise known as "de-NISTing". Then, standard file categories are removed (we have a list of these categories available - contact a Project Manager).

Then, we filter the data set. This includes applying search terms, phrases, date ranges, data locations, file categories, and a variety of other factors that depend on the case. These options are outlined in our standards document.

Then, we de-duplicate the data set so that only a single copy of a document across the set will be retained, except where doing so would create a gap in review or production. Email and files are treated differently during de-duplication. Note that Avansic only uses defensible de-dupe and filtering techniques - some programs have error rates close to 40%. At this stage, Avansic performs document clustering and other review enhancing processes.

Then, Avansic performs pre-production and conversion operations including privilege or confidential labels, page numbers, Bates numbers, TIFF conversion, and redactions. After the data set has been marked and converted to the customerís specification, data export begins.

When processing for digital forensics, a licensed examiner will work with you to find the specific data of interest.

How does Avansic export my results?

Avansic supports many methods of export: the most common being loadfile creation or native file production. Avansic supports dozens of specific export formats for certain tools. These options are detailed in our standards document.

When will I get my results?

Once Avansic has received the data, it typically takes a few days of computer time to complete the data preparation/culling/indexing/filtering stage. Filtering or investigating can take anywhere from an hour to several days depending upon the data set and scope of the project.

In general, most of our clients receive results within 2-7 business days of collection. Servers and other complex data sets can take longer depending upon size, configuration, type of computer or operating system, and location.

Can Avansic provide expert witness testimony?

Yes, Avansicís experts have provided testimony in many cases across the country. These cases range from small to large and represent a variety of litigation types including intellectual property, employment, insurance defense, environmental, wrongful termination, and more.

Avansic can testify to the processes used during collection, processing, and export in cases we have handled. Our experts can also speak to the procedures and processes used by other experts.

Can Avansic provide assistance with preservation planning or meet and confer?

Yes, Avansicís has significant expertise in the area of preservation planning and meet-and-confer issues. We has served as consultants for cases across the country on these very issues. This falls under our Professional and Expert Services.

Can Avansic perform predictive coding?

Yes, Avansic has developed a workflow that integrates various machine learning techniques to assist in the document review process. Avansic supports traditional predicitive coding as well as unsupervised learning and document clustering. Avansic has developed a workflow using Brainspace's concept clustering and XERA's advanced online review capabilities which adds efficiency to the review process.

Can Avansic recover a deleted text message off a cell phone?

This depends entirely on the make and model of the cell phone, how long ago the message was deleted, and the particular storage settings of the phone.

Does Avansic do audio or video forensics?

No, Avansic only performs digital forensics investigations on computers.

How can I be sure the data is secure at Avansic?

Avansic takes security very seriously, and all client information at Avansic is handled and stored securely. Multiple layers of security are required for all areas where evidence is stored and security systems are in place to monitor all traffic into and out of the office.

How does Avansic protect privileged information?

Avansic has significant experience in drafting and implementing clawback agreements. We have served as a neutral third party on many occasions and are experienced with the creation of privilege logs, privileged document sets, redacted production copies, and In Camera copies.

Iíve heard that Avansic publishes whitepapers, how can I get a copy?

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