E-Discovery for Corporations

Avansic makes the e-discovery process easier for you and your company. Our corporate services focus on collaboration, cost control and effective data management, all of which help your company move efficiently through litigation, investigations, government subpoenas, productions, and document review. We can help in four ways: performing e-discovery processing, consulting on e-discovery workflow, consulting on litigation preparedness, and offering a managed services solution.

Avansic can provide an e-discovery solution that best fits your environment - whether you need assistance with a single issue or a have a continuing need. Our Project Managers have experience working with in-house counsel, outside counsel, the government, and support teams in order to lower costs and increase project success.

Avansic can help you control costs during e-discovery by:
  • Organizing the roles of all parties related to e-discovery (IT, legal, HR, C-Level, vendors)
  • Defining and managing expectations, budgets, timeframes, etc.
  • Establishing defined avenues of communication between all parties
  • Cost forecasts and estimated budgets for current or future project
  • Implementing solutions that do not require the purchase of expensive equipment, software, or manpower
  • Case Studies
Managed Services

Avansic understands you may want to exert more control over your e-discovery project, and we’ve developed managed services to fit that need. We provide your own e-discovery environment for processing, review, and production, for a fixed cost. We can host your data on a dedicated server in our secure facility, or we can set up this software at your facility using your hardware. For more information, please see the Avansic Managed Services page.

E-Discovery Workflow Consulting

Our team of experts will work with your internal departments to evaluate areas of efficiency in the e-discovery process and create solutions to streamline the process.

We can help determine the type of information most likely to be requested in advance, recommend efficient ways to process data, evaluate the best time to use technology assisted review, help with the litigation hold process, and more. Avansic can help your company create “e-discovery friendly” solutions that are cost-effective and don’t impact productivity.

Legal-General Counsel, Paralegals
  • Litigation hold process
  • Preservation and collection procedures
  • Chain of custody
  • Evidence management
  • Advise on acquisition of new tools or outsourcing services needed
  • Document Review workflow
  • Document Production workflow
E-Discovery-Litigation Managers
  • Identify risk areas associated with e-discovery and the corresponding costs of potential litigation
  • Data culling, filtering, de-dupe, searching capabilities
  • Opportunities for augmenting current e-discovery systems
Litigation Preparedness

Avansic’s E-Discovery Readiness Assessment helps corporations dramatically reduce e-discovery costs. We are careful to consider the particular challenges of your specific industry and the documents you create. We designed this process to help prepare our customers for e-discovery ahead of time, and by doing so, reduce their costs and their lost productivity during litigation.

Often, small changes in IT processes ahead of litigation events can result in big e-discovery savings. For example, although tape backups work well for disaster recovery, it is a very laborious process to retrieve relevant e-discovery data. Other business applications, data repositories, and archiving solutions can have similar e-discovery consequences.

Legal-Inside & Outside Counsel
  • Most likely litigation events and e-discovery requests
  • Litigation hold process
  • Past e-discovery scope, cost and process
  • Frequency of investigations, subpoenas, and litigation
IT, CIOs, Compliance & Records
  • Current records management program
  • Data locations and asset inventories
  • Records retention schedules
  • E-mail and file server settings and security
  • Document management and/or e-discovery software
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