iCONECT-XERA: What's New

Get immediate access to XERA using your mobile device. The application detects your device size and scales the display for a better viewing experience. Additionally, Table View is also available if you are accessing XERA on an iPad or tablet. For more information on XERA functionality while using a mobile device, see Accessing XERA on a Mobile Device.

  • Switch Modes: When accessing the XERA website on a smartphone, you can choose mobile view or standard desktop view.
  • Quick Mobile Access: You can add the XERA icon to your device's home screen so that you can easily access the site.
  • Table View Available when Using an iPad: When accessing XERA on an iPad, you can now view and use Table View.
  • Visual Review of Online Project Members: Project Members who are online (logged in) now have a green icon beside their name in the Project Members tile.
  • Coding Requirements: As a user, you may now be prompted to complete coding on the current document before you proceed to the next document.
  • Pin a Coding Panel: Review with confidence - pin frequently used coding panels so that they display at the top of the Coding tab. This setting is remembered the next time you open that database.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Access to Saved Searches: Easily review saved searches with a new tab in Table View.
  • Speed Native File Display Time (HTML5 Viewer): If the HTML5 version of the File Viewer is used, you now have the ability to preprocess and cache converted native files so that they can be immediately viewed in the Viewer tab.