Avansic is proud to offer the iCONECT online review tool for all your document review needs. iCONECT is the next generation online review tool with efficient and intuitive review.

iCONECT is entirely web-based and is very user-friendly. iCONECT offers powerful collaborative and project management features, including the ability to send messages between users within the system. These include sophisticated user tracking, batching, coding rules, and advanced reports.

iCONECT is an intelligently designed tool that allows you to label, organize, code, tag, filter, redact and sort data. iCONECT has multi-browser compatibility - accessible via any connected device - desktops, laptops, and tablets including the iPad. There is no software to install when using iCONECT. Designed by studying how you use smartphones and tablet devices, iCONECT is easy to navigate and delivers familiar technology. Avansic does not charge monthly per-gigabyte fees for iCONECT.

Avansic’s Advantages
  • Pricing - priced per user per month; we do not charge per gigabyte, there are no contracts or long term commitment
  • Security - all data is kept within Avansic’s secure facility; we do not outsource data storage or database administration
  • Customization - we have significant experience with the review process and can customize your case setup and search queries and provide tailored training
  • Expertise - over 10 years experience with review project management and support, easy to communicate with team
  • Productions - document productions on your schedule including redactions, natives, images and loadfiles

Avansic is a Licensed Service Provider (LSP) for iCONECT and has certified Administrators on staff. We are very familiar with the review process and can provide custom search queries, customized case setup, and tailored training for your team.

We offer very competitive pricing for iCONECT, please call us at 888-808-0337 for a quote and to schedule a free demonstration.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics empower legal teams to support various workflows directly within the review tool itself. This analytics package includes text-based near-dupe identification, conceptual analysis, concept searching, clustering, “find similar.” With Advanced Analytics, you can:

  • Search by concept: use a phrase, sentence or document to “find similar”, which is much more efficient than keyword searching
  • Group documents by content: groups documents based on concept even when the same words are not used to describe the same topics
  • Sort documents into folders by concept
  • Group documents that are closely matched, which makes review faster
  • See email threads and group similar email strings and topics (more efficient than reviewing email by date)
  • Quickly identify differences between near-dupe and similar documents
  • Perform ECA
  • Monitor review status
  • Visualize your data in groups using iVIEW
  • Create precise review batches using concept clustering
  • Production QC using iVIEW

Advanced Analytics can also help with early case assessment. It is also a key factor in a Avansic’s predictive review workflow.

Results of clustering can be provided in loadfiles for online review, as well as legacy review tools such as Summation, Concordance, or Case Logistix.

Advanced Analytics pricing is built into Avansic’s processing charges. No additional GB fees for analytics or review in iCONECT.

We offer very competitive pricing, please call us at 888-808-0337 for a quote and to schedule a free demonstration