How to Ship Evidence to Avansic

There are four steps in shipping evidence and other data to Avansic. Below is a instructional video on how to fill out the Chain of Custody.

  1. Print and fill out a Chain of Custody Form.
    Please take care in filling in the correct information, write legibly, and sign the form. See below for a video with instructions on how to complete the Chain of Custody form.

  2. Carefully pack the device; include the Chain of Custody.
    Ensure that the device is encased in bubble wrap or other cushioning material to prevent damage, and use an exterior package appropriate to the size of the device.

  3. Ship using an overnight carrier with no earlier than 10AM delivery such as FedEx Priority Overnight.
    Be sure to schedule the package for a no earlier than 10am delivery and to require a signature for release. Use a carrier that allows tracking of the package.
    • Ship to:
      Gavin W. Manes (or project manager)
      15 E. Fifth St. Suite 1800
      Tulsa, OK 74103

  4. Contact your Avansic Project Manager with the carrier and tracking number information.