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Avoiding the Failure to Communicate...and eDiscovery Disaster

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Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM Central

Duration: 1 hour

A failure to communicate effectively within the eDiscovery project team is one of the biggest causes of eDiscovery disasters, such as court sanctions or even coverage of your team’s mistakes in major publications like The New York Times! With today’s remote/hybrid working world, effective communications are more difficult than ever, which makes best practices for communication even...

Both Sides of the Coin: Employment Separation from Two Perspectives

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Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

Employee separation is an event that commonly involves investigations and litigation, as well as eDiscovery. Cases can rely heavily on electronic evidence, so Dr. Gavin W. Manes of Avansic and Craig Ball of Ball in Your Court will be discussing what that looks like both from the employer and from the employee side.

They will talk specifically about the initial stages of...


Case Studies

Avansic - data clustering

Data Clustering & Technology Assisted Review


A case involving several hundred thousand documents that needed to be reviewed in a short, month-long timeframe leading up to late stage depositions. The client did not want to spend the amount of time necessary to train dozens of..

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Avansic Case Study - Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Cell Phone Forensics

An insurance company was investigating a claim of property damage by a flood due to a broken pipe at the residence. There were irregularities in the descriptions of the event between the husband...

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Avansic Case Study - IT Destruction

IT Destruction

Labor & Employment

A local bank fired their IT manager after several of the bank’s tellers filed sexual harassment complaints against him. When the bank executives arrived at work the morning after his termination..

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Tyson Schwerdtfeger - Alliance Resource Partners-1
Avansic's flexible eDiscovery services enabled us to manage our costs, stay within budget, and efficiently conduct a timely review of hundreds of thousands of documents. Our Avansic Project Manager was an invaluable resource that helped maintain coordination with outside counsel and the eDiscovery team to keep things running smoothly.
Tyson Schwerdtfeger
Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. - Tulsa
Alberto Castañer
Avansic delivered factual reports with a quick turnaround to help my clients with the authentication of PDF documents. That facilitated decisions that were very beneficial to the case's outcome. In particular, their ability to explain complex technical issues in layman's terms was crucial and unique.
Alberto Castañer
Castañer & Cía P.S.C. - San Juan
Allyson K Howie - Entergy Services
Avansic’s quick response and turnaround when collecting mobile devices enables us to address issues swiftly. In addition, their ability to deal with complex personnel and technical issues in real-time has helped compel the cooperation of digital device owners.
Allyson K. Howie
Entergy Services, LLC - New Orleans



eDiscovery Brochure

eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Services Give You a Competitive Advantage with Your Cases

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Digital Forensics Brochure

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Delivers Superior Case Outcomes

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Cell Phone Forensics Brochure

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics Reveals Valuable Information and User Details

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On-Demand Webinars


The Lit Hold is Over - What Next?

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So you're come to a point where the litigation hold is over, what happens next? The panelists on this presentation discussed other places the data might be, the role of legacy software and data storage, and walk through hybrid approaches depending on the case and data types. They will also discuss the conundrum of digital trash and how that relates to managing records and the eDiscovery process.

Presenters: Amy Sellars - Lead Senior Counsel and Head of Legal Operations CBREGavin W....

Your eDiscovery Pricing, Approach, and Workflow are Great– or are They?

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With customers wanting to reduce both the initial and monthly cost of eDiscovery, many platforms have pivoted to provide more functionality by end users accessing a platform using a browser.

Historically, when end users performed tasks like loading data, running analytics, or building a production, they had to ask other professionals or vendors to perform these functions. Or if they did it themselves, they had to use a desktop application, sometimes accessed through...

Considerations for Outsourcing eDiscovery & Cybersecurity

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To paraphrase Ringo Starr (and Joe Cocker), we all get by with a little help from our friends. For the various eDiscovery and cybersecurity challenges we face today, those “friends” may be the outsource providers that enable your organization to effectively address those challenges.

Selecting a provider requires making a change to your processes, and change can be hard. How do you know when you need the help of an outsource provider? What are the risks of outsourcing, and what are...



Whitepaper- Updated Bringing Your Own Device

Updated- Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device has some new implications in the current world of remote work. The intersection between people's personal and business devices is blurrier than it has ever been. With more people working from home or spending less time at the office, many personal cell phones, computers and tablets now have much of the business data that would have previously been carefully separated.

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Whitepaper- AI Not as Scary as You Think

Artificial Intelligence:
Not As Scary As You Think

Artificial Intelligence (AI): it evokes robots, coding, zeros and ones, and seems like it belongs in the domain of computer scientists. In reality it is just computers performing tasks that previously required human intelligence and in fact, you’re probably already using elements of AI both in your legal practice and everyday life.

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Whitepaper- Streamline Document Review

Streamline Document Review

If you have performed any document review project, whether with a formal review tool or by looking through a series of PDFs or TIFFs, you have likely learned a few things about how to efficiently approach the process. These workflows will be different depending on whether you are beginning with load files or native documents, whether you are producing for trial or in response to document requests, or any other scenarios you have encountered in your practice.

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The digital world is known for acronyms and jargon, which can be overwhelming for non-technology-based vocabularies. To help you navigate the technology speak, Avansic created the following list of key terms.


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