Subscription Services

Subscription Services

Avansic understands you may want to exert more control over your eDiscovery project, and we’ve developed Subscription Services to fit that need. We provide your own eDiscovery environment for processing, review, and production, for a fixed cost. We can host your data on a dedicated server in our secure facility, or we can set up this software at your facility using your hardware.

This option provides all the features of outsourcing with all the control of insourcing. You can shift your entire IT burden - Avansic handles all the hardware and software concerns.

Subscription Services Infrastructure

  • Fixed cost
  • No hardware or software to buy and maintain
  • Housed at Avansic’s secure facility
  • 24/7 access to your own iCONECT system
  • Load, review and produce your own data
  • Training & support
  • 2 TB of storage with options to increase
  • Migration of data from other systems (including legacy systems)
  • Granular access control for database security
  • Brand your iCONECT system with your custom colors and logos
  • Active directory and LDAP integration

Subscription Services Features

  • Integrated one-step processing
  • Process native files for review and perform early case/data assessment
  • Create and manage databases, users, templates and productions
  • Load native, image and other loadfile types for review
  • Perform quality control on document text and metadata
  • Includes advanced analytics: near-dupe, concept search, clustering, and email threading
  • Statistical and graphical reporting
  • Predictive review
  • Detailed reports on user activity and database sizes
  • Add or remove users on a monthly basis
  • Discounts on other Avansic services

Hybrid Subscription Services Features

  • Avansic loads your data; with a limited number of free GB and loads per year
  • Users have 24/7 access to iCONECT to create databases, review, tag, and sort data
  • Users can create their own productions
  • Use of the Secure FTP account to upload and download data
  • User and administrator training
  • Use of advanced analytics
  • Preferred customer pricing on additional gigabytes or data loads
  • Yearly contracts

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