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Avansic's highly qualified investigators routinely interpret complex computer system information

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Digital forensics is the preservation, investigation, and analysis of data from digital devices for use in litigation, mediation, or general business practice. Forensics is used to dig deep into a computer for deleted and double-deleted files and to seek out information that may not be obvious during a search of active files.

Expert Services

Avansic’s subject matter experts are here to guide you through the process of eDiscovery. They can advise you on best practices for identifying, preserving, processing, and producing ESI in the most efficient manner possible. All while respecting the need for relevance and privilege.

Our Project Managers can also provide assistance in document review planning, technology assisted review and other e-discovery workflow strategies.

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Digital Forensics Expert Services


Avansic transforms raw data into useful and defensible ESI through a variety of industry-standard tools and technologies to ensure that clients receive the most effective results for the most economical price.

Avansic’s Digital Forensics Professionals® have many years of experience in performing digital forensics investigations on a wide variety of devices.

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Digital Forensics Investigations

Cell Phone Forensics

Avansic can perform cell phone and mobile device forensics, including collecting evidence from Android and iPhones as well as tablets. We have ongoing compatibility with new phones.

Through physical, logical, or file system collection using our Cellebrite tool, we can often retrieve:

  • Call times and durations
  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • And more...

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