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Expert Services

Avansic’s subject matter experts are here to guide you through the process of eDiscovery. They can advise you on best practices for identifying, preserving, processing, and producing ESI in the most efficient manner possible. All while respecting the need for relevance and privilege.

Our Project Managers can also provide assistance in document review planning, technology assisted review and other eDiscovery workflow strategies.

Avansic’s experts are here to help you in all aspects of the eDiscovery process, and we want you to have the best assistance for your case. Avansic's experts have provided testimony in many settings including dozens in courtrooms across the United States. Our experts have provided opinions in hundreds of affidavits, reports and declarations.

  • Sworn Statements and Expert Testimony – Avansic’s staff has experience with all types of testimony: in-court, affidavit, Grand Jury, third party, expert opinion, deposition, and fact witness. We have also attended depositions on behalf of clients.
  • Forensics Review – Avansic’s investigators have years of experience digging deep into computers for user activity, deleted files, and data alteration.
  • Expert Review of Materials – We have provided review and analysis of evidence for many cases. Avansic’s experts have also reviewed other expert opinions.

Avansic’s team of experts is led by Dr. Gavin W. Manes; his curriculum vitae can be found here.

Subject Matter Expertise

Avansic has experience testifying in many areas including those listed below. Avansic has provided these opinions in support of both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation related to intellectual property, unfair competition, employee separation, and other civil cases.

  • Computer Science: Multiple opinions have been offered about the design and architecture of computer programs and source code. Avansic’s experts analyzed source code to determine how many individuals wrote the code, was the code copied from other sources, how often did the code change, the security of the code, and whether the code was ever used.
  • Digital Forensics: Computer investigations being a core offering at Avansic, we have several experts that have testified about computer user activity (authorized or unauthorized), deletion of data, intentional destruction of data, operability of computer, transfer of files, data authentication (email, files, backups, etc), log analysis, internet activity, data preservation and data recovery.
  • eDiscovery: Avansic has written opinions regarding clawback procedures, redaction of documents, handling privileged data, production formats, review techniques, and preservation planning.
  • Metadata and Document Authentication: Avansic has investigated the authenticity of digital files ranging from Word documents and emails to photographs.
  • Telecommunications: Avansic’s experts have offered opinions on voicemail systems, voice over IP, signaling (including SS7), PBX logs, call detail records.
  • Information Assurance and Computer Security: Multiple opinions have been offered regarding secure design, compliance, security devices, video surveillance, alarm systems, log analysis, critical infrastructure.
  • Entrepreneurship: Experts have testified regarding business startup costs and times, technology startups, reasonable time-to-market, fiduciary duty, financing, and prototyping.

Cell Phone and Mobile Device Analysis: We provide expertise and analysis on Mobility Usage Reports, as well as in-depth analysis of cell phone data.


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