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Troubleshoot a Hard Drive
02-12-2010, Processor Magazine - Holly Dolezalek
If you Google “dying hard drive sounds,” you can find sound files of hard drives with bad heads, stuck spindles, bad bearings, and other unhealthy conditions. But by the time you hear those kinds of sounds, it’s time for the drive to meet its maker. What can you do before you hear the sound of one drive [read more]

Avansic's newest whitepaper "Those Emails Aren't as Privileged as You Think"
01-26-2010, Avansic - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Several recent rulings have highlighted the issue of privilege protection for employee communications made using corporate IT assets. Specifically, two cases were argued this year regarding employees that communicated with their attorneys via email using company computers; Alamar Ranch, LLC v. County [read more]

Dr. Gavin W. Manes featured in "The Hill" Magazine
01-10-2010, The Hill Magazine - Greenhill School
Dr. Gavin W. Manes was profiled in a feature on Alumni in the Sciences in the Winter 2010 issue of The Hill Magazine, a publication of Greenhill School. Dr. Manes graduated from Greenhill in 1996. [read more]

TSA Suffers Online Security Breach
12-11-2009, The News on 6 - Lori Fullbright
TULSA, OK -- A recent security breach gave would-be attackers most of the information they would need to get past security checkpoints at our country's airports. [read more]

New Avansic Program Helps Clients Lower Future Bills
12-11-2009, The Journal Record - Kirby Lee Davis
TULSA – In a move that could lower its revenues, the Tulsa law firm consulting company Avansic has introduced a service to help companies reduce their exposure to future electronic discovery costs. [read more]

Tulsey goes to pizzeria owner
11-20-2009, Tulsa World - Laurie Winslow
In a ceremony that mimicked the Oscars and MTV Music Awards, 11 category winners of the second annual Tulsey Awards received a golden bronze Driller statuette Thursday evening in recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit. [read more]

Backup Tape Forensics is Here to Stay
11-10-2009, Digital Forensics Magazine - Gavin W. Manes, et al.
Although magnetic tape storage is often perceived as a rarity by digital forensics investigators, there are an increasing number of situations that require tape recovery and analysis. Many companies use tape backup systems to comply with various regulatory and statutory requirements, which brings the [read more]

Revenge of the Nerds
09-28-2009, Tulsa People Magazine, October 2009 - Andrea Leitch
Gavin Manes is a self-proclaimed computer nerd. And he’s proud to say so. [read more]

Avansic Featured in FindLaw's "Top 5 eDiscovery News Developments"
09-21-2009, FindLaw - Neetal Parekh
Below is a round-up of the latest news headlines in eDiscovery. [read more]

Avansic debuts e-discovery products
09-14-2009, The Journal Record - Kirby Lee Davis
TULSA – Avansic expects two new electronic discovery products to help the Tulsa law firm consultants chart fivefold revenue growth in 2010. [read more]

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