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With a new moniker, Tulsa tech sleuth eyes expansion
08-12-2008, The Journal Record - Heather Caliendo
TULSA – Gavin Manes said it is popular in the scientific community to make up a word. That logic and looking for a new way to market his company motivated Manes to change the company’s name. [read more]

Tulsa computer investigation firm changes name, names board of directors
08-11-2008, Avansic - Corporate
On the heels of $1 million investment, DFP is now Avansic [read more]

Spam masks itself as news to evade filters
07-29-2008, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
"Cheap Viagra online"? That's got to be spam. [read more]

Managers get security tips for systems
06-26-2008, Tulsa World - Angel Riggs
A TCC seminar attracts more than 60 business leaders. [read more]

Digital video – the good, the bad, and the techie
06-24-2008, PoliceOne - Doug Wyllie
Digital video files captured with in-car mounted systems can be powerful tools to assist in securing convictions – virtually every prosecutor in America wants to have these incident recordings. Citizens practically expect cameras to be in vehicles – the advent of these systems has spawned countless voyeuristic [read more]

Tulsa Computer Investigation Firm Receives $1 Million Investment
06-19-2008, Tulsa Business Journal - Staff
Digital Forensics Professionals Inc. has signed an agreement with Mimosa Tree Capital Partners, LLC that includes a $1 million investment in the Tulsa-based firm. [read more]

CrypTec product enhances security
06-18-2008, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
The firm's RedVault encryption invention is hardware-based. [read more]

Firm poised for growth
06-17-2008, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
There aren't many companies that specialize in electronic investigations and data retrieval. Yet Gavin Manes, founder of Digital Forensics Professionals Inc., says there's a huge untapped demand for digital detective work in workplaces across the nation. [read more]

OKDFP Reaches Out with "5 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online."
03-05-2008, Avansic - Corporate
OKDFP has created a presentation outlining the problems and solutions involved in youth internet use and offering free presentations discussing this issue with the community. [read more]

Dr. Manes and OKDFP Scheduled to Present at the 2008 Computer Forensics Show
01-15-2008, Avansic - Corporate
Dr. Gavin W. Manes, President and Founder of Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals, Inc. will be presenting "Comparing Civil & Criminal Digital Forensics" at the 2008 Computer Forensics Show. This years show will take place at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC from April 20th to [read more]

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