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Infernal spam: Blocking e-mails constant struggle
06-16-2007, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
Spam isn't going away any time soon. [read more]

Capsule for 2057 would be smaller
06-15-2007, Tulsa World - Jarrel Wade
The height of engineering in 1957 was several thousand pounds of steel and other materials wrought into the graceful design of the Plymouth Belvedere. [read more]

2007 Awards: Manes wins Young Entrepreneur of the Year
05-16-2007, Tulsa World - James Gibbard
Gavin Manes, Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Manes is a research assistant professor at the University of Tulsa specializing in information assurance, computer security and digital forensics. He is also founder, president and research director of Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals Inc., a four-year-old [read more]

‘Achievers under 40’ event May 17: Program to honor 39 young professionals
04-24-2007, The Journal Record - Staff
OKLAHOMA CITY – Taylor Keen, an executive partner with Giant Partners, will be the speaker at the 2007 Journal Record “Achievers under 40” event honoring 39 professionals from the state. [read more]

Tracking terrorists with click of a mouse
03-26-2007, Baltimore Sun - Siobhan Gorman
WASHINGTON -- Tucked away in a squat, 1980s-era office park halfway between Washington and Baltimore, 200 digital detectives are scouring the hard drives, MP3 players and compact discs seized from terrorist hide-outs in search of links and clues to their next plans of attack. [read more]

Dr. Manes to Speak at Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law Conference Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law
03-07-2007, Avansic - Corporate
The ADFSL 2007 Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law will be held on April 18-20, 2007 in Arlington, Virginia USA just outside Washington, D.C. [read more]

Forensics is Tulsa Company's Calling
03-06-2007, Daily Oklahoman - Jim Stafford
Tulsa-based Oklahoma Digital Forensics Professionals collects and analyzes computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, investigates the devices for information or evidence and then presents easy-to-read written reports, said Gavin Manes, its president. [read more]

On Track For a Bright Future
02-22-2007, The Daily Oklahoman - Gavin W. Manes
As Oklahoma continues to celebrate its milestone centennial anniversary, we honor our rich history and industries. Oil helped propel Oklahoma to its economic height, and there is no doubt that the discovery of black gold shaped our first 100 years of statehood. [read more]

Tech start-ups get tips at venture summit
02-21-2007, Tulsa World - Robert Evatt
More than 100 attend the two-day conference. [read more]

Dr. Manes Presents at Oklahoma Venture Forum
02-15-2007, Avansic - Corporate
The Oklahoma Venture Forum (OVF) is a non-profit corporation organized to encourage economic development in Oklahoma. The OVF works to increase the utilization of Oklahoma's resources, resulting in the establishment and growth of new and existing business ventures. [read more]

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