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Avansic CEO Quoted in Financial App Security Article
03-07-2017, GoodCall - Candace Talmadge
Avansic's CEO, Dr. Gavin W. Manes, was recently quoted in an article in GoodCall. "Financial Apps Offer Convenience, But What About Security?" discusses the amount of private information that many apps can contain, the security issues at hand, and ways to keep that information safe. [read more]

Avansic Whitepaper: How Mobile Device Forensics is a Goldmine
01-24-2017, Avansic - Corporate
Mobile devices (cell phones, tablets) are central to our daily lives. We use them to communicate by voice, text, and image and in doing so create a large amount of data; we essentially use them as we would computers. This means they are an incredible repository of information for e-discovery and investigation [read more]

Wraps and Review (Free Lunch)
12-07-2016, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic is offering a special free lunch event and XERA demo - WRAPS AND REVIEW! [read more]

Avansic Article Featured in Tulsa Lawyer Magazine
12-05-2016, Avansic - Tulsa Lawyer
Avansic's recent whitepaper, "The Five Security Measures You Should Be Taking," was featured in the Tulsa Lawyer Magazine December edition. [read more]

Expanded Cell Phone Forensics Capabilities
10-26-2016, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic now has expanded capabilities and new pricing for mobile device forensics - from cell phones to tablets and more. [read more]

Avansic Whitepaper: The 5 Security Measures You Should Be Taking
10-06-2016, Dr. Gavin W. Manes, CEO of Avansic and John Barkett, Partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon LLC - Corporate
By Dr. Gavin W. Manes, CEO of Avansic and John Barkett, Partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon LLC [read more]

Bad Advice, Wired
08-31-2016, Avansic - Corporate
We recently read the Wired article “How to Digitally Erase All Your Stuff When You Quit Your Job” and we really don't agree with a lot of the suggestions. So we went point-by-point with the article's recommendations and here are our thoughts about what to do with your digital devices and information [read more]

E-Discovery Choose Your Own Adventure
08-17-2016, Avansic - Corporate
We thought we'd round out your light summer reading with a throwback to those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from years ago, with an e-discovery twist. [read more]

Avansic Assists EDRM with Security Audit Project
08-08-2016, EDRM - EDRM
Avansic is pleased to be a project lead for the EDRM's Security Audit Project. [read more]

Avansic's Data Collections Checklist Article published in NALS @Law Journal
06-29-2016, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic's recent whitepaper "Legal and Corporate Checklist for Collecting Internally, Externally, Remotely and From the Cloud" was published in the NALS @Law Summer 2016 edition of their journal. [read more]

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