Avansic Hires Lawyer and E-Discovery Expert Tom O'Connor as Director of Professional Services
01-19-2012, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic E-Discovery & Digital Forensics, a Tulsa-based high tech company, has recently hired lawyer and eDiscovery expert Tom O'Connor to join its expert e-discovery team as Director of Professional Services. He will be the primary consultant for complex cases, providing professional services supporting [read more]

Avansic's Whitepaper: Shifting Review Strategy Midstream? Online Review to the Rescue!
12-13-2011, Avansic - Corporate
You've got a case, it involves e-discovery, so you've done everything you were supposed to: gone through all appropriate preservation steps, sent the data for processing, culling and de-duping and loaded the data to an online review tool. You already have a strategy in place for getting the review done [read more]

Avansic's Newest Whitepaper: Why E-Discovery Pricing is Complicated
10-24-2011, Avansic - Dr. Gavin W. Manes
Why is E-Discovery Pricing So Complicated? [read more]

Avansic Whitepaper: Why E-Discovery Pricing is Complicated
10-07-2011, Avansic - Corporate
Current State of E-Discovery Pricing [read more]

Avansic participates in the United Way Day of Caring
09-09-2011, Avansic - Corporate
[read more]

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