Dr. Manes to present at the First Annual Tulsa TechFest 2006 Conference
10-13-2006, Avansic - Corporate
Dr. Manes' presentation titled "Digital Forensics: Applications for Professionals," is an overview of the digital forensics process. The goal is to make all professionals aware of the possibilities for evidence acquisition that are available through digital forensics and electronic discovery. This presentation [read more]

OKDFP at I.T. Alliance Trade Show
09-15-2006, Avansic - Corporate
DFP of Oklahoma and several other Oklahoma technology companies will be present at the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce Technology Trade Show. Come see us at the Tulsa Convention Center in October 2005. [read more]

Dr. Manes to speak at the ACFEI 2006 National Conference
09-01-2006, Avansic - Corporate
September 22 - 23, 2006 Orlando, FL [read more]

Dr. Manes invited to the "Secure Oklahoma" panel at the Tulsa IT Summit
08-14-2006, Avansic - Corporate
The IT Summit is coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma October 11-12, 2006. The conference is for executives from the government, education, economic development and corporate communities. The IT Summit is produced by and for senior leaders. [read more]

Dr. Gavin Manes presents "Digital Forensics - Applications for Investigators" at the WIC
08-12-2006, Avansic - Corporate
Dr. Manes presented "Digital Forensics - Applications for Investigators" at the first-ever World Investigators Conference in Las Vegas, 2005. This conference was deisgned for private investigators, and is being co-sponsored by the World Association of Detectives and dozens of state, national, and internation [read more]

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